Myths and Heroes

Bob marley

Steve Jobs

Martin Luther King

Captain America/ WonderWoman/marvels, superheroes

Malcom X

Al Capone,



Abraham Lincoln

Mr Bean


Mickael Jordan

Sherlock Holmes

Jack the Ripper

Walt Disney


Robin Wood

Places and Forms of Power


Monarchy/ Kings and Queens/ HenryVIII

Parliament/ European parliament


The White House/ Buckingham Palace/the Statue of liberty/ the Sharp/ the taj mahal/ Burj khalifa tower/ the twin towers

Wall Street

the fourth power : the press/ media

Idea of Progress

1st Black American President

End of segregation


Housewives / working women

New technologies/ Silicon Valley

Medical/scientific research

Spaces and Exchange

Immigrants (USA/UK)

Big cities : Singapour

Colonization : British Empire/ Commonwealth/



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