You will work in groups of two or three persons.

Chose at least two American myths per person among those studied in class to create a poster on American myths.

You will illustrate them and  write a short presentation for each of them.

Then you’ll have to present your poster to the class :

– presentation/ explanation : you have to go much further than what we’ve seen in class.  Try to establish links with what you already know, with films you’ve seen, books you’ve read, what you’ve studied in history, literature, philosophy, whatever.

– justification : why did you chose these elements ? Did they appeal to you ? fascinate you ? Did you chose them because you’re particularly interested in this aspect of the North American culture ?

SANTA CLAUS, HALLOWEEN and THANKSGIVING are NOT WELCOME, that is to say they are firmly RULED OUT !!!

Your projects are due in two weeks, I will give each class the  date of the deadline.