2013 marks the 15th year for

Quorum Theatre Company.

We would like you to design a poster for next year’s play:

A Necessary Change

(for the better)

Create a poster to reflect the necessary changes that we all face, whether growing up or leaving the past behind.

Posters should be A4 in size and can be created either on the computer or by hand using whatever medium you prefer.

The winner will see their work displayed as the main poster for the tour plus a €50 Fnac voucher. Second prize is a €25 Fnac voucher and third prize a €15 Fnac voucher.

Synopsis of the play : Jack Fellowes has difficulty standing up for himself, especially against his overbearing mother Rita who keeps a controlling hand on Jack’s activities. Jack’s long- suffering girlfriend Susan has had enough. She’s had enough of Rita’s control over Jack and her dismissal of Susan as Jack’s girlfriend. She has a plan. After informing Jack that their relationship is over, Susan transforms herself into Zara Prince, her bold and brazen American alter ego and proceeds to take the Fellowes household by storm. Jack finds himself falling for the feisty Zara much to his mother’s despair, but there is only one problem; what will become of Susan? Fortunately for Susan, Jack realises that, although Zara had helped him to find his fighting spirit, his true affections still lie with Susan. Jack breaks his relationship with Zara and reunites with Susan. Susan, Jack and Rita’s lives have all found a new energy and optimism – but there is only one cloud that troubles this sunny horizon; will Susan tell Jack the truth about Zara!

The play is about the awakening to the knowledge of what one truly wants and finding the courage to attain it.

Things to think about: love, confidence, independence, bitterness – living in the past, self-belief, change, courage, optimism, energy, religion, control, ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.’

Entries must be in by 30th November 2012

Quorum Theatre Co. 24 Ave. des Combes, 30120, Le Vigan

Or by email to

Please include details of your name, school, age and contact info.

Winners will be notified by Friday 14th December 2012

Get your artistic heads on!!


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